Election candidate bitten through letterbox

W18652H12 WH DOG BITE PIC S.G. 17.04.2012''Dog Bite Vic Walker the Broadwater Conservative Candidate W18652h12
W18652H12 WH DOG BITE PIC S.G. 17.04.2012''Dog Bite Vic Walker the Broadwater Conservative Candidate W18652h12

A CANDIDATE in the up-coming local elections needed to be taken to hospital after he was bitten by a dog while canvassing.

Vic Walker, who is currently campaigning to become a councillor in the Broadwater ward, was bitten on Monday, April 16, while he was delivering leaflets in Marlowe Road, ahead of the Worthing Borough Council elections on May 3.

The 60-year-old said he was posting a leaflet, which contained his manifesto and biography, when he felt a “crunch” and jaws clamp around his finger.

Vic, of Lamorna Grove, then pulled his hand out of the letterbox to find blood pouring from his finger.

It was then that a good Samaritan, Johanna Cobby, came to his aid and helped stem the blood and reassure him before an ambulance arrived.

“I felt this crunch and took my hand out and there was oozes of blood. The bite had burst the capillaries.

“I felt a little light-headed because of the large amount of blood lost, and along came a friend’s daughter, who saw I was on the floor.

“I thought she might walk away because I was covered in blood and it looked like there might be danger, but she didn’t. She was as good as gold,” said Vic.

Vic was then taken by ambulance to Worthing Hospital, where he had his finger cleaned and dried and he was given penicillin.

He described his treatment, by a nurse called Olive, as “wonderful”.

But while he did not need stitches for his cut, Vic has been told he will be left with a life-long scar.

And he is not the only Conservative to be injured by dogs whilst canvassing, as two candidates and a councillor were also bitten during this election campaign.

But more than the damage caused to Vic’s finger, he said the incident served as a warning that dog-owners should have baskets to collect their post, or should put up warnings, to prevent similar accidents.

“Had this been a paper-boy or child it could have taken a couple of fingers off. It could have been much worse.

“It’s happened three times in this campaign and this was the most serious. Had it not been for the woman who helped me, it could have been very serious because of the loss of blood. She really was a fantastic Samaritan. She didn’t avoid me, which she could easily have done.

“It was great of her to help,” added Vic.