ELECTIONS: Greens want '˜a better Worthing for everyone'

Worthing residents will go to the polls on May 3 to elect their latest batch of borough councillors.

Monday, 23rd April 2018, 3:38 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:43 am
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The Herald has spoken to each party fielding candidates to get their thoughts and priorities ahead of next month’s election. Today (Monday, April 23), the Green Party is the last to have its say.


Potholed roads. Home buying impossible for young people. Schools cutting staff. Hospital waiting lists rising. Record levels of homelessness.

These are the results of Conservative policies. Worthing Green Party will stand up for you and fight to fix these problems, fight for proper funding for our councils, be firm with developers on providing affordable housing, put our community in control of decision-making.

In town, we want to see new commercial developments work with, not against, existing retailers. We will emphasise small independent shops that give character to Worthing. We will work with landlords to make sure commercial rents are not unaffordable. We want more pedestrianisation and shared spaces.

Fixing the A27 isn’t just about widening roads or building a bypass. It’s about providing better buses, making roads safer for cyclists and helping people to get out of their cars to make the best use of what we have.

Worthing Council under the Tories has an appalling record on affordable housing, bending over backwards to help developers reduce or eliminate it. Green councillors will make sure that we get the best possible deal, and will enforce the highest standards on sustainability.

Vote Green for a better Worthing for everyone.