Employment opportunities offered in Worthing

NEW employment opportunities being offered by Caffyns and Guild Care on Northbrook’s Durrington campus have been welcomed by Bryan Turner,

Worthing council’s cabinet member for regeneration and planning.

Mr Turner, who is a Northbrook governor, said: “The sale of the Durrington campus land for homes provides 60 per cent of the funding for the phase 2 redevelopment of Broadwater. Government grant provides another 20 per cent, with the remainder coming from new borrowing. Northbrook College has little borrowing at the moment, and so is in a good position to move forward.

“The benefits to the college and students in the future is that a) students get modern facilities which, combined with a focus on teaching quality, will lead to higher educational attainment and better life chances, and b) the college will become more attractive to future students, giving the college the chance to grow its business, e.g., through curriculum development.

“In considering more homes, Worthing Borough Council and West Sussex County Council planners will, as always, look at the effects on traffic and public services in the area.

“The councils’ views can’t be pre-determined as we need to let the planners do their work. However, I do think there are clear regeneration benefits to Worthing within the proposal.”

n Plans for the £10million, phase 2 stage of Northbrook’s Broadwater campus redevelopment have also been lodged with the borough council for a decision at a future planning committee meeting.