Beach clean results flag up rubbish

W39800H13  Barbara Shaw leads the beach clean volunteers
W39800H13 Barbara Shaw leads the beach clean volunteers

DOG poo, cigarette butts and wine bottles were just some of the types of litter recorded as part of the recent Worthing beach clean survey.

The fourth annual clean, which drew support from volunteers of all ages, focused on two areas of the beach, from the pier to Splashpoint and then from Splashpoint to the Esplanade.

Clean-up organiser, Barbara Shaw said: “We are a town of many, mostly responsible, dog owners. On the whole the beach was clear of dog poo. However nine un-bagged depositions were found.

“Thanks to the hero who bagged and binned it. This was on the beach opposite York Road with a further three near Merton Road.”

“It is surprising how much junk can be dropped in a day, and our children were very good at spotting tiny bits of plastic that could be ingested by sea creatures.”

Aluminium cans, plastic drinks bottles, shoe laces and hair bands were other common finds, as well as pieces of fishing line.

Marine biologist Steven Savage warned that small pieces of plastic cause the most problems to wildlife as they are likely to be eaten.