Dangerous tree in Worthing to be cut down

A TREE more than 15 metres in height, which sheds sharp pine needles, is to be cut down following a planning meeting last Wednesday.

The unanimous decision to fell the tree, which belongs to Ray Heffer, of Hillside Avenue, in Worthing, received support from five neighbouring homes.

Cllr John Rogers, representing a resident in his ward, said: “I am a tree lover. I don’t usually agree with the removal of trees however I do think they have to be of an appropriate height in an appropriate location.

“It casts dead pine needles, two or three inches long.

“ Children can’t play in that garden, the needles are very sharp and we have been told it hasn’t stopped growing yet.”

Mr Heffer, said the tree was too large for its position in the back garden, and that debris from it made it unsafe to use the garden. He also said that the tree’s use by pigeons as well as damage from high winds could make it a health hazard.

Cllr Carol Molineaux said: “I love trees as well but I agree with Cllr Rogers, they could really do a lot of damage. Also a tree that big will make the area damp.”

Cllr Michael Cloake agreed. He added: “I had the dubious pleasure of growing up in a garden with several of these so I think it would be a good idea to get it down and replace it with something more suitable for the area.”

The tree will have to replaced once it is felled.