Erno’s sunflower just keeps growing

W41410H13 Erno Nemeth with his 18ft sunflower
W41410H13 Erno Nemeth with his 18ft sunflower

A KEEN gardener has nurtured a sunflower to the heady heights of 18 feet.

Erno Nemeth, 74, of Grafton Road, Worthing, has pulled out all the stops to ensure his sunflower has an impressive stature.

He said: “People say to me what’s your secret and I say you have just got to nurse it like a baby and make sure the wind doesn’t blow it over.

“Sunflowers like a sheltered place with sun in the morning and sun in the afternoon. You need to keep watering it and pull the weeds out. You have to keep the snails and slugs at bay because they munch everything.”

He added that the plant, located in his front garden, was “very attractive” and was still growing as the top flower had not come out yet. However, he said it was due to bloom any time now.

Erno is originally from Budapest in Hungary and said the saying, ‘a man who likes flowers can not be a bad man at all’

from his homeland, rang true.

He has also grown a giant runner bean plant.

Erno said: “My runner beans grow up to the first floor window.

“It’s a runner bean that’s why it has run up my house.”