Now you can trace which cow you are eating with M&S

Marks & Spencer has launched a summer-long food campaign that shines a spotlight on M&S’ beef traceability standards.

From corned beef to fillet steak, every single piece of beef that M&S sells has two things in common – it can be traced back to the farm and animal it came from and it is British.

Stout glazed salt beef

Stout glazed salt beef

M&S is the only national retailer in the UK that can trace every piece of beef it sells – whether it’s in a prepared meal, a sandwich or a prime cut – all the way back to every farm and animal from which it is sourced.

The ‘We trace it, so you can trust it’ campaign is backed by DNA sampling provided by Dublin-based tech company Identigen.

Sian Howard, commercial food manager at M&S Worthing, said: “From corned beef to fillet steak, at M&S we can trace every single piece of beef back to the farm and animal it came from.

“Trusting the food you eat is so important to our customers, so we’re really proud to be able to share this story.

Our Marks and Spencer barbecue feast

Our Marks and Spencer barbecue feast

“Our customers are really enjoying our latest summer product innovations, from Our Best Ever Burgers to Salt Glazed British Beef – perfect for barbecues with the recent great weather!”

Steve McLean, head of agriculture at Marks & Spencer, said: “We’re passionate about supporting British farming and working with our suppliers to invest in new technology and the best systems available. That gives us better traceability than anyone else in the market and, when it comes to beef, it means we know where every single animal was reared, how it was reared and how the beef moved through our supply chain.”

Customers can find out more at

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With the fine weather we are experiencing we decided to put M&S to the test and see if its meat was as good as it promised.

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer

On the barbecue we cooked Our Best Ever Burgers (gluten free), the stout glazed salt beef, and the beef brisket.

Thanks to the meal deal we also managed to get a selection of salads, dessert and a bottle of summer cup fizz - a gin and cucumber drink that was very refreshing.

The instructions on how to cook the meat on the barbecue were very simple and the outcome was well worth the 25 minute cooking time for salt beef.

All the meat was of a high standard and none of us could decide which our favourite was....let’s just say there was not a scrap left by the end of the meal.

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