The Friends of Lancing Ring call for more volunteers

SOMETIMES it is easy to take for granted a beauty spot when it is right on your doorstep, and Lancing Ring is no exception.

The Friends of Lancing Ring has been beavering away for years to help maintain the nature reserve and make sure it is useable for local people to enjoy.

But preserving the area and protecting it from encroaching development takes a lot of time and effort and new blood is needed to give the volunteer team a boost.

The Friends started in 1989 when plans were being discussed to build a bypass which would cut through the ring, working with Adur District Council to look after the area.

The focal point of the conservation work is to encourage local people to be aware of the beauty spot on their doorstep and to use it and enjoy it.

Volunteer and Friends secretary Adrienne Stevenson said: “It is very easy to turn your back and take your eyes off it and then find something is not there any longer.

“When something is threatened, they realise how much it means to them. I think people take it for granted. I think a lot of people use it for walking and taking children there but they do not think about what is involved in keeping it going so they can do that.”

Task days

Currently, a handful of volunteers run a task day on the third Sunday of every month at 10am to help maintain the area. However, if more volunteers come forward and suggest an alternative time to meet, the Friends would be flexible.

The work includes clearing the paths and making them wider so the middle is not warn away as well as reclaiming the dewpond and making sure it survives for future generations.

The Friends membership costs £2. To find out more about volunteering and joining the Friends of Lancing Ring, call membership secretary Sue Crowhurst on 01903 762769.

For the full story and pictures, read the November 10 edition of the Lancing Herald.