Whale and Dolphin Watch in Sussex

RESIDENTS are being asked to look to the seas today (Friday, July 27) and this weekend to take part in National Whale and Dolphin Watch 2012.

Steve Savage, Sussex regional coordinator for the Sea Watch Foundation is asking people to watch for sea mammals today, Saturday (July 28) and Sunday (July 29).

“The species most commonly seen off Sussex is the bottlenose dolphin” said Steve.

“They are a summer visitor to Sussex and can be seen as close as 100m from the shore. Unfortunately, you never know when they will be seen, which is why we monitor the coast with the help of volunteers, especially during the summer months”.

While bottlenose dolphins are the most common species seen in Sussex waters, Steve said other sightings in recent years included a pilot whale, harbour porpoise and common dolphins.

He added inshore sightings often occur in calm seas and sunny weather and he is hoping this week’s sunny weather will increase the chances of sightings during the event.

Anyone who spots a sea mammal can call the dolphin hotline on 07773610036, including information about the day, time and location of the sighting.

Anyone who would like to undertake a watch can contact Steve on seawatch17@yahoo.co.uk. He will then send sighting forms and an identification guide.