Epic charity kickboxing fund-raiser in Worthing

AN epic feat of endurance, which is like running three to four marathons back to back whilst being punched and kicked, is what awaits a Broadwater charity fund-raiser.

Nick Brewer, who teaches martial arts at Gym Xtreme, in Bath Place, Worthing, will spar 101 competitive rounds of kickboxing, which will be scored and judged, to raise money for Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice.

During the sparring, Nick will compete against kickboxers, martial artists from other disciplines and boxers from the area, and will have no breaks for his first hour before taking a minute’s rest between the two-minute rounds after that.

Nick, of Queen Street, Broadwater, said: “It’s going to be a nightmare.

“In endurance terms, it’s like completing three to four marathons.

“But, hopefully, it’ll get in a lot of people to watch and generate a lot of money for Chestnut Tree House.”

In 2009, Nick, along with his fellow kickboxing instructor at Gym Xtreme, Steve Robsinson, completed 50 rounds each of competitive kickboxing to raise funds for six-year-old Luke Cory, who died from leukaemia in 2009.

Nick said the idea to more than double the amount of sparring he had previously completed came from the 100-man kumite, a test of endurance which involves karate fighters competing against 100 opponents.

Unlike in the kumite, however, Nick’s rounds of sparring, which take place on December 3 at Gym Xtreme, will be scored by judges – meaning he will have to stay active and throw a minimum of eight kicks per round.

Nick, 42, who holds black belts in kickboxing, karate and kung fu, added: “I don’t know if it’s a record, but it’s right up there.

“To my knowledge, only a dozen or so people have done 100 rounds.”

To prepare for the sparring, Nick said he is eating healthily and running long distances, in addition to his usual martial arts practice, to boost his endurance.

Those who would like to donate or sponsor Nick can pick up sponsor forms from Gym Xtreme, or phone on 01903 236664.

People can also watch on the day and give money to donation buckets.