Exhibition at Marlipins Museum gives insight into Shoreham during the First World War

Marlipins Museum is offering the opportunity for visitors to get an insight into Shoreham’s role in the First World War with its new exhibition The First Great Silence.

Curated by a group of nine dedicated volunteers, the display at the museum in the High Street includes photographs showing the town during the war, artefacts and other items from the museum’s collection.

Volunteer Liza McKinney with a German propaganda medal to celebrate the sinking of the Lusintania.ks180454-2

Volunteer Liza McKinney with a German propaganda medal to celebrate the sinking of the Lusintania.ks180454-2

There is information about the building of the Mystery Towers in the harbour, which the museum previously ran an exhibition about. Two of the defensive naval towers were completed, and there was much speculation about their purpose.

What were Shoreham’s ‘Mystery Towers’?
A letter from soldier William Plaskett to his family details life in the 350-acre Shoreham training camp for soldiers, where they lived in bell tents. There are pictures of how the camp evolved over the years, including more permanent huts being built and the eventual creation of a rehabilitation centre for people injured in the war.

Emma O’Connor, curator for Sussex Archaelogical Society, said: “The exhibition looks at the impact of the First World War on Shoreham and Shoreham’s contribution to the war effort, not least on those who served and died but also the camp and towers in the town.”

Many of the items on display are from the museum’s collection, but some of the medals have been lent to the exhibition by the volunteers, including some which were awarded to soldiers for taking part and serving the country.

All 107 of the men on the Shoreham memorial are also included on the walls of the museum, with what is known about them.

The exhibition will be open until November 11, the centenary of the end of the war. Marlipins Museum will be open specially on this date, however usual opening days are Tuesday to Saturday, normal admission applies.


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