Fears rising tides will cause homes to flood

PEOPLE living on the West Beach estate in Lancing fear more flooding is on the way, after a particularly wet Christmas.

Vice chairman of West Beach Residents’ Association Geoff Patmore has issued an alert to the environment agency and local councils and has asked for support to be put on standby.

Mr Patmore said he feared high tides of more than 6.5 metres could cause homes to be flooded.

“Given we have experienced unusual flooding at a high tide of five metres we are very concerned about the property flooding potential,” he said.

“Even more so this year because of the unprecedented flooding experienced recently covering the entire length of Westway, including the banjo and West Avenue.”

Mr Patmore issued the alert as part of a joint flood monitoring exercise.

On Friday Mr Patmore reported that The Broadway was continually flooded from the entrance to the crossroads with up to 9in of water.

He also reported that the roads were flooded at around 7am, which was ‘unusual in relation to the low tide’,