Fencing plea after Guildbourne NCP Worthing car park death

Renewed calls have been made to investigate enhancing security fencing at the Guildbourne Centre’s NCP car park after a man died falling from the building last week.

He has been named by Police as 73 year-old Anthony Graham, of Kings Crescent, Shoreham Beach, though further details are not being released pending an inquest into his death.

NCP, which operates the town centre car park on behalf of Worthing Borough Council, stated its security provisions complied with present health and safety regulations.

It has pledged to meet with the council to discuss potential options available including installing safety netting at the site – which has previously been done at other NCP locations.

Emergency services were called to the latest incident on Boxing day just after 1pm. They attempted to treat the man who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Chatsworth Road was subsequently cordoned off for more than an hour as Police investigated the incident.

It follows a spate of emergency call-outs to the car park in 2011, in which it was feared individuals may have been attempting suicide or trespassing on private areas of the building. There has also been a case of suicide recorded at the Guildbourne site several years ago.

Councillor Bob Smytherman supported an investigation into examining enhancing the car park’s security provisions. He said: “With the contract up for the NCP car parks, now is the right time to be making sure that as owners of the Guildbourne building, the council should be doing everything it can to ensure that we mitigate against such awful incidents happening.”

Brian Puddephatt-Jones, NCP area manager, stressed the Guildbourne site complied with present regulations.

He said: “As a business, security is something that we take very seriously. We are working with Police and the borough council on this and are due to meet with the council this month to go through what options are available.”

Worthing Borough Councillor Roy Barraclough added that he would also welcome an investigation. But he believed additional fencing at the Guildbourne could create an environment that was “too foreboding” for those using the site.

He said: “If there is something that can be done at the Guildbourne NCP then I would support it. But I cannot see how you would be able to do anything with the building being such a wide area. I would welcome an investigation into this as It is ever so sad what has happened there.”