Ferring man hits out at cyclists after being ‘abused’

W02521H14  John Dance has been verbally abused by cyclists
W02521H14 John Dance has been verbally abused by cyclists

A MAN who has been verbally abused and nearly knocked over by cyclists while walking outside his home has said they should not be able to use the path.

John Dance, 74, of Langbury Lane, Ferring, has been sworn at on two separate occasions, once while walking with his wife and grandson and the other while trimming his hedge.

He said: “I think the cycle path should be done away with really.

“I said to the man who swore ‘that’s not good talking like that in front of my grandson’ he apologised but it was too late.

“It’s not suitable for cyclists at all in my opinion. There’s enough room in the road for them.”

The path, which runs along Littlehampton Road, is designed for dual use between cyclists and pedestrians.

Mr Dance also said that cyclists took no notice of the ‘dismount’ sign on the junction of Langbury Lane and Littlehampton Road and often crossed the road without looking.

“It’s very fortunate no-one has been knocked down,” he said.

“It needs somebody to observe it to get an idea of what’s going on.”

He added when visitors left his property he escorted them as cyclists crossed the road without looking.

“I’m not against the cycles, it’s the people on them. They have gone mad around here,” he said.

A spokesperson from West Sussex County Council said: “The Highways Code applies to cyclists, and pedestrians.

Both have a responsibility to consider the safety of other highways users at this location.”