Ferring resident questions Asda plans for Country Fayre site

WHY didn’t the public know until the last moment that Asda had gained approval to open a supermarket in Ferring?

This question was asked by Ferring resident June Draper after reading last week’s Herald story revealing Asda‘s plans for the former Country Fayre site in Littlehampton Road.

“We had been assured all along that Asda was not moving there,” Mrs Draper, of Cissbury Road, Ferring, said this week.

“We already have enough big supermarkets in the area, and we don’t need another.”

Ricky Bower, Arun District Council’s cabinet member for planning, said the identity of the tenant of the new building was not a matter that the planning committee could control.

Permission had been granted to Country Fayre site owner Michael Wiggins to redevelop the site, continuing its A1 Retail designation.

An Asda supermarket complied with A1 Retail use.

“I believe members of the council assumed Mr Wiggins was intending to redevelop the site himself, but set further back from the road.

“There may have been speculation, but this did not form any part of planning matters,” said Mr Bower.