Ferring wall is disappearing

Peter Bentley with the wall
Peter Bentley with the wall

A COUPLE from a Ferring conservation group are up in arms about the mystery dismantling of an historic flint wall.

Peter and Julia Bentley, of Greenways Crescent, have been battling to save the section of flint wall for around 18 months.

The wall, situated opposite the entrance to Sea Lane Gardens on Sea Lane, has been gradually disappearing before the couple’s eyes – but the debris from the wall is nowhere to be seen.

“The wall does have a lot of ivy growing over it, but if it was collapsing, the debris would be on the ground,” said Peter, 74.

“We think someone may be taking the material bit by bit, as flint is desirable to feature in a home and is quite expensive.”

Peter and Julia are members of both the Ferring History Group and the Ferring Conservation Group, and have an active interest in preserving Ferring’s historical sites.

The couple have contacted Ferring Parish Council, Arun District Council and the police about the wall, but have had no response or action taken.

A spokeswoman for Arun District Council confirmed the wall is not owned by the council. “We believe the wall must be privately owned, and over the years has fallen out of ownership,” she said.

Ed Miller, secretary of the Ferring History Group and the Ferring Conservation Group, said the flint wall used to mark the boundary of the old Goring Hall estate, and before that the boundaries of the East Ferring Manor.

“It will be a great pity if the wall is allowed to crumble away,” he said.

If you have any information concerning the wall, contact Ed Miller on 01903 502267.