FESTIVAL OF CHICHESTER: Photographer Gail on her work in Ethiopia

Festival of Chichester
Festival of Chichester

Photographer Gail Ward offers two events for the Festival of Chichester both on July 6, the first an introduction to digital photography, the second a talk about her work in Ethiopia.

Gail, founder of Responsible Photography, will kick off the day by explaining the difference between pixels and resolution, simple composition and different ways of sharing photographs, offering a hand-out to take home.

“I thought it would just be a bit of fun. I was talking to one of the camera shops, and they were saying how much time they spend talking about the basics of using a digital camera.

“I am not aiming at anybody that is already a good photographer. It is for people that are just starting out, that have got a lot of questions, people that perhaps don’t understand what their digital camera is capable of.

“One of the main things that people think is that the camera is going to automatically produce beautiful photographs. It isn’t. It is about how you look and how you see. It is about starting to develop a photographer’s eye and about thinking about composition.

“People tend to put everything into the middle of the photograph, which isn’t the best way. People should also start thinking about adjusting their height, get up on a chair or down low, just to start looking at things from a different perspective. I will also talk about basic image processing and think about the different ways that you can share your photographs.”

Getting started with digital photography will in the Studio at the New Park Centre from 3-4.15pm; tickets £10; concessions £7.50.

The photography afternoon continues with Ethiopia Uncovered (also in the Studio at the New Park Centre), from 4.30-5.45pm; tickets £7.50; concessions £5.50.

“I have been out to Ethiopia quite a lot. I first went out there in 2009 working for Ethiopia Airlines. They commissioned me to do some work for them as a photographer. I was commissioned to take some portraits and some of their training programmes and some of their engineers.”

She also worked on photographs promoting different parts of the country, on a whistle-stop tour. Since then, Gail has also developed her own work out there, including adding the country to her list of photographic holiday destinations.

Gail specialises in small-group visits, usually four to six people. She does Ethiopia twice a year, alongside other countries including Colombia and Morocco.

Tickets for both Festival of Chichester sessions are available on gail@gailwardphotography.co.uk.