Festive single marks change for punk band

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A WORTHING band has released an alternative Christmas single to show the two sides of the festive season.

Bipolar Christmas is raising money for b-eat, a national charity that supports the sufferers and families affected by eating disorders.

Atombuzz, which is made up of singer Ian Morgan, guitarist Alex Sedlmayr, base Ross Dumbrell and drummer Natt Om-Buzzick, celebrated its 20th anniversary in July, having formed in 1993 at the back of a music shop.

Mr Om-Buzzick said: “Our guitarist had the idea that because we all love traditional Christmas songs we should write our own one.

“That was a bizarre concept for a hardcore punk band and I thought that we would never be able to pull it off because of our style.

“When we spoke some more we decided that we would do it for charity and it all spiralled from there.

“We wanted to do it for a mental health charity initially then we settled on “Anorexia is the biggest killer in of women in their teens and early Twenties.

“Christmas is a time of gluttony and excess, but for sufferers it is a time of absolute fear and dread due to the pressures of eating in front of family and friends.

“The song is not related to the charity but it does show that there are two sides to Christmas, hence the name.”

The band are hoping to make the charts with Bipolar Christmas, which also has a B-side, Amazon Ruined Christmas.

Mr Om-Buzzick said: “Bipolar Christmas is like a normal rock song but with sing-a-long parts and jingling bells in.

“Simon Cowell just monopolises the charts at Christmas with his pop nonsense so it would be great if something else could get a look in.

“There is a bit of a mental health theme with our song but it is also about the stress of Christmas for parents who are maxing out their credit cards trying to make Christmas happen.

“The other side of Christmas is quite serious.

“This song is not for everyone but it is just a bit of a flip side between the happiness and the reality, though it is still upbeat.

“The B-side is more in keeping with our usual style. It is about people putting no thought into Christmas gifts.”

Atombuzz records a single every couple of years and takes its inspiration from bands such as Motorhead, Black Flag and The Exploited.

Mr Om-Buzzick said: “Our style is akin to early Eighties punk and hardcore punk though we do try to bring things up to date a little bit.

“We have never recorded a Christmas song before and I am sure we never will again as it is totally bizarre for us, but it has been really good fun and the response and feedback so far has been excellent and very encouraging.”

For more information about the band, go to www.atombuzz.co.uk