Filmmaker delighted by last-minute funds

Animator Trevor Hardy on the set of Three's A Crowd
Animator Trevor Hardy on the set of Three's A Crowd

AN ANIMATOR who needed to raise £8,000 to fund his latest project was saved in the nick of time when two generous backers donated £5,000 between them at the last minute.

Just two days before deadline, Lancing’s Trevor Hardy managed to secure a massive chunk of his budget, allowing him to fund his animated film, Three’s a Crowd.

Having finished filming, Mr Hardy is in the post-production phase, and hopes to have the project finished by the end of February.

He will then submit his short film to various events such as the Edinburgh Film Festival, in the hope of getting a chance to exhibit his work.

Mr Hardy said he was absolutely delighted to receive the funding.

“Lots of friends and family put in money,” he said. “All the support was amazing.

“Then a complete stranger came along and put three grand in. Then another guy came along who wanted to be a producer and put in £2,000.

“I was on about four grand and thought ‘there’s no way this is going to work’ and the all of a sudden with two days to spare, two people came in with massive donations.”

“You just can’t believe that people can give you that sort of money who don’t even know you.”

Mr Hardy said he had no chance of getting Three’s a Crowd on TV.

“Year’s ago you could get something like this on Channel $ but not nowadays,” he said.