Findon animal sanctuary fears ‘closure by Christmas’

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W49078H11 WH PAWS GT 06.12.11.'' Paws Sanctuary .......... Stacey McSpirit ....... W49078H11.

A FINDON animal sanctuary has warned it could be closed by Christmas because it is so short on funds.

Paws Animal Sanctuary in The Oval does not have enough money to survive through the winter because of the volume of unwanted pets, meaning the future of its rescued animals is uncertain.

Stacey McSpirit, who runs the sanctuary, said: “Almost every animal we take in needs a visit to the vet. Almost all our savings have gone on vets bills.

Just last week a dog needed 20 teeth out costing £320, a guinea-pig needed a kidney stone removed costing £139, and a small unwanted six-month-old dog needed neutering costing £110.”

Stacey said she has never rescued so many stray and unwanted cats, rabbits and guinea-pigs as she has done in the past few months.

She added: “All the other rescue centres are full, our phone never stops, people are losing their jobs and cannot afford to feed their pets or pay vets bills so we are left with so many unwanted animals.

“Add to that the fact hay has gone up to £8 a bale when it used to be £2.50 a bale, we are trying to raise money to get us through the winter but it is so difficult.”

Stacey said Paws has so many animals, which are either too old or unwell to re-home, the sanctuary will soon have to stop taking in any more stray or unwanted animals unless it can secure funding.

Noahs Ark, a rescue centre in Chichester has recently closed down and Paws has agreed to take in all the Guinea pigs from a rescue centre in Wales that is closing down after running out of funds.

“We can only continue our essential work if we receive financial aid,” added Stacey.

As well as funds, Paws is in desperate need of pet food, hay and vegetables such as carrots, cabbage and celery for the animals.

“These items can be dropped off at the sanctuary.