Findon bus users furious for removal of station from route

FINDON bus users are furious with Stagecoach for chopping Worthing station from its route-1 service from Midhurst.

This service used to divert from the A24 to stop outside the station. But from January 1, the loop diversion was axed, and train travellers from Findon and other places on the Midhurst-Worthing journey have had to alight by the A24.

Neil Winton, of Steep Lane, Findon, said: “Stagecoach expects people to scramble across the A24 and walk to the station. How a company can take a decision like this to bypass a crucial local transport hub is beyond me.

“This decision seems to laugh in the face of those seeking an integrated transport system.”

Andrew Dyer, managing director of Stagecoach South, told the Herald: “We had been experiencing punctuality problems with route 1 and needed to find a solution to help keep the buses running to time.

“Passenger numbers were not high enough to justify running an extra bus and making journey times longer in the timetable. The other option was to shorten the route and we found that very few people used the stop in the train station.

“Using the bus stop on the main road means a short walk into the station, but does protect punctuality along the entire route.

“Should there be any progress with local bus priority measures, reducing traffic delays, we would be able to review the route in the future,” he said.