Findon pony Princess Snowdrop in hospital after suffocation

Princess Snowdrop after the three hour operation
Princess Snowdrop after the three hour operation

A RECORD BREAKING miniature pony which is “famous” in Findon is recovering in hospital after a major operation.

Princess Snowdrop is a 14-year-old pony at PAWS Animal Sanctuary, in The Oval, Findon, and is currently receiving round-the-clock care at the Equine Hospital after it gut a carrot stuck in its throat last Wednesday (May 23).

On Saturday (May 26) Princess Snowdrop, which is a miniature toyhorse, had an x-ray, followed by a three hour operation, which according to manager of PAWS Stacey McSpirit, is rarely successful.

Stacey said: “Both of the vets said they didn’t want to do surgery because it is rarely successful in the throat. They can get internal scarring and the tube can constrict.”

Stacey said although the pony will be in hospital on a drip for at least another week, she is up on her feet again now.

She added: “We’re not out of the woods yet. Anything can happen. She is probably going to be an invalid for the rest of her life.”

The horse has been in Findon for 12 years, and Stacey said it was even in the Guinness World Records one year for being the smallest horse born that year.

Stacey said: “All the kids know and love her. On Saturday she should have lead the Summer Revels parade. When she didn’t everyone was coming up to me and asking me ‘where is princess snowdrop?’.

“She’s famous with the children.”

The vet bills for the operation are expected to exceed £4,000, and the animal sanctuary, which receives no government funding, is appealing for donations.

All donations should be sent to PAWS Animal Sanctuary, 15 The Oval, Findon Village, BN14 OT