Findon Valley’s oldest pet dies

Rambo the cat
Rambo the cat
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IT LIVED to a ripe old age of 129... in cat years.

Rambo the cat, Findon Valley’s oldest pet, died peacefully in the arms of its owner Irene Gray, of Central Avenue, after almost 29 years of companionship.

Rambo was a “Christmas miracle”, according to Irene, after arriving the day before Christmas as a present for her four-year-old son Robert, who is now 32.

“We thought he wasn’t going to arrive in time, but then he turned up in this cardboard box,” said Irene.

“It’s just exactly how Rambo was, always there when we needed him.”

The tabby was a listening ear and a faithful companion to Irene, after she suffered a number of family difficulties in short succession.

“He was always there for me, and listened when I had no-one,” she said.

Irene said Rambo would accompany her and Robert on their walk to school, and would wrap himself around her neck when she was doing her housework.

Rambo was nominated for the Rescue Cats Oldest Survivor Award.

According to Irene, the cat had gone completely blind, but had a real love for life.

“He was just full of personality, and had a loving way with everyone. He wasn’t like a normal cat, he was like a person,” she said.

Rambo is now buried in Irene’s back garden, under the tree.

“We didn’t get him a box, because it wasn’t him, he liked being outside, and being free,” said Irene.

“He has had a wonderful life and he has been a wonderful part of mine.”