Findon Village School reunion attracts more than 50 ex-pupils

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MORE than 50 people turned up to meet and greet old friends at a school reunion in Findon.

The ex-pupils of Findon Village School joined for the get-together at the Village House Hotel, in The Square, Findon, to catch up with friends and share stories.

Bob Fell, of Fairfield Way, Ashington, arranged the reunion. He said he was not expecting so many people, and could not believe how much some of his old friends had changed.

The 73-year-old said: “There were some people there who were in their 80s, who went to the school a long time before I went there. There was one girl I didn’t recognise at all, and it turned out I hadn’t seen her in 40 years.”

In an exciting twist, the reunion saw a cross country race winner collect his shield – 50 years after he won the race.

The shield was the first-place prize for a cross country race in the 1960s and should have been awarded to Derek Bushrod.

Bob, who used to arrange the cross country race across the Downs said: “The shield was in the Gun Inn in Findon back in the 60s. I went back there after the landlord left to see if it was still about it. It wasn’t there and we didn’t know what happened to it after all those years.”

Derek Bushrod won the nine-mile race two years in a row, but didn’t collect the shield after dropping out of the run.

Bob added: “Bruce Sim just happened to turn up with it at the reunion, and he said he found it in a skip one day. He gave it to Derek Bushrod’s sister, who gave it to Derek when he turned up late afternoon.”

Bob said everyone had a “good catch up” at the reunion.

He added: “It was just talk, talk, talk. We had so much to talk about that I didn’t have to arrange anything. They couldn’t believe I had rounded up so many people.

“There was only one person there who didn’t go to Findon. My friend Michael Mordue went to Tarring Secondary Modern School. I have been friends with him for 60 years.”

Bob said the reunion was a “big success all in all”.

He added: “Something like this won’t ever happen again.”