Finishing touches to vital Lancing funds bid now being made

AFTER months of preparation, the final touches are being made over Lancing’s bid for vital funding.

A bid to be a Portas Pilot Town is being prepared by the Lancing Regeneration Community Committee (LRCC) and will be submitted by the end of the month.

Under the scheme, £1 million will be divided among 12 towns and villages to help regenerate flagging high streets.

Clare Milward, from LRCC, said with funding Lancing could become an “amazing destination.”

She said: “Lancing deserves the funding because of the community. It’s got a good foundation to build on and there’s lots of energy in the community and lots of assets we’re not using fully, like the sea and an amazing high street with lots of independent shops. With a bit of money it could be an amazing destination.”

The government-led scheme was devised after businesswoman Mary Portas identified struggling high streets around the country needed to improve in order to thrive again.

As part of the bid, the LRCC has released a video about Lancing, filmed during an open morning the group held in Queen’s Parade last Friday.

The video, which can be seen on Youtube, focuses on Lancing’s high street and includes interviews with residents about where it needs to improve.

During the open day, questionnaires filled in revealed many businesses in the area were either struggling or on the brink of closure.

Clare said although there were high streets with a greater number of closed shops, Lancing’s high street was at a tipping point.

She said: “If nothing is done it might not be saveable. But it can be saved and it’s a fight worth fighting. The high street is an important social space for the community.

“Without it, the heart of the community would be lost.”

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