Former Star Wars actress from Lancing fund-raising for cancer treatment

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W13120H12 WH TREATMENT GT 27.03.12.'' Treatment ...... Lynne Hazelden....... everything from a gold disc to Harry Potter film story boards ...W13120H12.

A FORMER Star Wars actress from Lancing has spoken of her battle with cancer – and how she is raising funds to pay for state-of-the-art treatment.

Lynne Hazelden, of Cecil Road, Lancing, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, after having surgery for an allergic reaction to an amalgam filling, which has caused her serious health problems for years.

The 52-year-old starred in Star Wars film Return of the Jedi as the Rebel pilot Karie Neth, and also had roles in The Bill, Judge John Deed and Holby City.

Lynne was given a mastectomy in November, 2010, but in July, 2011, she felt a pain in her re-constructed breast when someone elbowed her accidentally.

It was in September when doctors confirmed the cancer had returned in her reconstructed breast and lymph nodes.

Another operation followed, where the cancerous tumours were removed, but Lynne said she was told by a cancer specialist she was at “high risk” of the cancer returning in the months which followed the surgical removal of the tumours.

She said: “I was told I needed to take action fast. I asked about a cancer vaccine and my doctor said I didn’t have enough time for that. I thought ‘what am I going to do’?”

Health problems

Because of a number of allergies and health problems she has suffered from, Lynne’s oncologist told her she was unlikely to respond well to many of the cancer treatments provided on the NHS.

After searching for an effective treatment herself, Lynne found a targeted form of chemotherapy, available privately in a number of countries.

But the treatment does not come cheap, and Lynne may need to pay as much as £100,000 before she is potentially safe from cancer.

She said: “The treatment is potentially a cure, but if I don’t get it I could be in trouble. My mother died from breast cancer at 48 and my sister and grandmother also died from cancer, so there is a strong trait in the family.”

So far, Lynne and her friends have raised an impressive £10,000 through a number of charity events, which funded the first part of her treatment in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Among her up-coming fund-raising activities, Lynne is holding an eBay auction, which includes a number of film-related items, with original story boards from Harry Potter, Star Wars, and other films.

The money raised goes to the cancer charity Yes to Life, with the funds paying for Lynne’s treatment and a proportion going to other cancer sufferers. The eBay auction items can be viewed on and donations can be made through the website http://www.