Foxes ‘the size of large dogs’ plaguing East Worthing

Scarlett Woodbridge with her surviving guinea pig
Scarlett Woodbridge with her surviving guinea pig

URBAN foxes the size of “large dogs” have been plaguing parts of East Worthing and scaring smaller animals, residents said.

The animals, some of which have been described as being “as large as Alsatians”, have become a common sight in East Worthing back gardens. And the usually nocturnal animals have also been venturing out during the day-time.

Seven-year-old Scarlett Woodbridge’s pet guinea pig was killed by a fox two weeks ago during lunch time, while there have been reports of other pets being scared by the wild animals.

Scarlett’s mother Tracy said she was concerned the animals were becoming increasingly bold and fearless of humans.

Tracy, from Ladydell Road, said: “People are feeding them, but they’re wild animals and should be kept out in the wild. They’re being enticed in but they carry a lot of diseases. My husband tried to get one of them to leave our garden, but it just snarled at him.

“Scarlett was devastated when her guinea pig was killed and I’m not sure the other one will last much longer.

“He never comes out any more.”

For the full story, read this week’s Worthing Herald, out from Thursday, January 31.