Free Great Storm anniversary pull-out in this week’s Herald

The eight-page Great Storm special edition from 30 years ago is reproduced in full in this week's Herald

It is hard to believe it is 30 years since our towns and villages were battered by the Great Storm.

After that fateful night of October 15, 1987, the Worthing Herald produced an eight-page special edition packed with reports and pictures, published on the Saturday with a cover price of 10p. Its initial print run of 10,000 copies sold out and it was reprinted several times in the following days. Inside this week’s Herald, dated October 12, you will find it reproduced in full to mark the storm’s 30-year anniversary, thanks to the support of today’s advertisers.

The pages aren’t perfect. They are copies of the actual newspaper from 30 years ago, long before our pages were handled fully electronically and archived digitally. Some of the pages have yellowed or faded, and there are a few tears and smudges. But considering its age, it has survived remarkably well.

While its focus was Worthing, it features images from other areas and we hope it will be of interest to all Herald readers and those of the Littlehampton Gazette.

Some of the names of those who provided the images will be familiar to readers today. Mick Canning, Gerald Thompson and Stephen Goodger only retired in recent years, and the latter can still be found with his camera at various events across the area. Freddie Feest is sadly no longer with us, but is remembered fondly by those still at the Herald & Gazette who had the pleasure to have worked with or have known him.

We hope you enjoy taking a trip back in time with this special edition of the newspaper, and you’ll find more Great Storm coverage on pages 67, 68 and 69 of the newspaper.

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