‘Friendly’ church fair raises money for charity

FRESH fruit, tea, and plenty of stalls were all present at Christ Church’s annual summer fair in Grafton Road, Worthing on Saturday.

The Reverend Matthew Luff and members of the church’s committee hoped to raise money for the Christian charity, Family Support Work, as well as bringing money to the church.

Reverend Matthew Luff in the church grounds

Reverend Matthew Luff in the church grounds

Mr Luff said: “What excites me about having a church in the centre of the town is the way we can connect with the different parts of the community which is really helpful because they are part of the shared history of the place. One of the things we want to do today is raise the profile of the church.

“We want to raise some money for those we support as a church which includes Family Support Work - a diocese charity helping children and families having difficulties and that’s something we feel is quite important for the whole community.”