Frustrated worker takes Network Rail to task on Twitter

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A TWITTER account pretending to be the notorious West Worthing level crossing has been set up by a frustrated IT worker.

Tom Brennan created the account in February after realising he was not alone in getting fed up with waiting at the “UK’s worst crossing”.

The 26-year-old tweets as if he is the crossing, making mischievous statements about how it takes pleasure in keeping people waiting there for as long as possible. The account now has more than 400 followers, and Tom hopes it will grow in popularity.

Tom, of Canterbury Road, Worthing, said: “Since the Twitter account’s inception, I have tweeted every day. I know that a lot of people get frustrated with it, and the general consensus is ‘why is it so bad?’.

“I want to be able to say to Network Rail ‘look how many people are following this, what are you going to do?’”

Tom said the tweets that get the biggest public reaction are the ones which make the crossing seem like it is out to get people. One such tweet read: “Why good morning motorists! In a rush are we? Allow me to slow the pace for you...”

And by calculating how much C02 is given off while motorists wait, Tom also plans to explore the environmental effects of the crossing wait times.

For the full story, read this week’s Worthing Herald, which is available from Thursday, February 23.