Funeral for man who “restored Dome Cinema’s splendour”

A FUNERAL reception to commemorate a carpenter who helped restore the splendour of Worthing’s Dome Cinema, was appropriately held in the 100-year-old building itself.

The Dome was a place dear to the heart of Eric Edwards, who died aged 81 at his home in Crown Road, Shoreham, on March 1. And at the reception on March 16, all present went up into the turret to see Eric’s handiwork.

Eric, who was the main carpenter who worked on the tower restoration in 1995, was very proud of his role in the project, his last, for he retired after its completion.

“A man of outstanding professionalism, a highly skilled tradesman, and a thoroughly pleasant man.” That’s how Shaun Jurgelewicz describes Eric, whom he had the honour of working with for two days on the top of the tower.

Shaun was the volunteer professional carpenter for the Worthing Dome Preservation Trust, and son-in-law of its chairman, Rob Blann.

After meeting high up in the breeze on scaffolding above the turret, they discussed the fascinating way the timber-domed roof of the tower was constructed, of curving timber joists and flat sections of timber cut from wide planks to form the tight, arched shape.

Eric explained how it all went together, and Shaun, then 28, felt that Eric appreciated the interest taken by such a young man.

Eric’s son, Neil Edwards, said: “Dad often spoke to me about his work on the restoration of the Dome and obviously enjoyed the challenge of the work.”

Eric lived in Shoreham, his home town for 50 years, and is survived by his wife Anne, 79, and his two sons, Neil, 58 and John, 52.