Gay marriage view misrepresented

W19623H13  Debbie Kennard celebrating her election victory for Shoreham
W19623H13 Debbie Kennard celebrating her election victory for Shoreham
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RESIDENTS have been quick to come out in support of Shoreham councillor Debbie Kennard, after a television news report wrongly made it look like she was against gay marriage.

Debbie, who was elected for the Shoreham division in the recent West Sussex elections and is also a district councillor, said she felt her views and beliefs were misrepresented on Channel 4 in yesterday’s news.

“It came across as if I am not in agreement with gay marriage, but that is not the case,” she told the Herald.

“I am about love and creating relationships that are making a good society. I don’t think it should be a political matter, it should be for the vicars to decide.”

Debbie is also chairperson of Blueprint 22, a social enterprise aimed at young people aged 16 to 25 in Worthing and the surrounding area, and she posted a message on her Facebook site this morning.

She wrote: “Those of you that know me, know that I am a strong supporter of equal rights and I have been very vocal and active in supporting local LGBTU young people.

“Contrary to how it came across in the interview, I am an ‘activist’ for peace and love and fight for the rights of people to be treated fairly and equally.

“I am deeply saddened by what was shown and recognise it has caused a great deal of hurt to those who I have fought so hard to protect. I apologise for any upset cause by the misconstruing of my words.”

Debbie, 48, has been married twice and she said she supported loving relationships, no matter who or what the two parties were.

Many people posted words of support, speaking of Debbie’s sterling work for people in the community.

Tracy Hart wrote: “You are one of the kindest, mostcompassionate, funniest and loveliest people I have had the privilege to meet.”

Val Pattenden wrote: “You have always worked hard for the people and have lots of time for the ones that need help and will continue to do so always.”