Ghosts and ghouls at fundraiser event

S38572H13''Sarah Fulton fund raising for breast Cancer Charity
S38572H13''Sarah Fulton fund raising for breast Cancer Charity

A HALLOWE’EN fundraiser promises a night of live music and spooky events.

Sarah Fulton, 31, of Buci Crescent, Shoreham’ is organising the night to raise money for Breast Cancer UK.

There will be a mixture of music showcasing local bands including Bad Billy and Eel Fish Parsely, an Elvis Presley tribute band.

Sarah said: “Organising is going well but is getting a little stressful, with sorting out all the band equipment. I think the closer it gets the more stressed I will feel.”

There will also be a raffle, photo booth, cakes, Hallowe’en cupcakes and everyone must attend in fancy dress. Sarah hosted a similar fundraiser two years ago at the Brunswick pub in Hove.

Sarah added: “It was packed, we definitely needed more space but we raised £1,600.

“I know a lot of bands and I’m in a band and I enjoy putting on events. My mum died of breast cancer when I was 12 and then my nan had it and it just seemed right to do these fundraisers. The charity does amazing work and are progressing all the time with breakthroughs.”

The evening is at the Shoreham Centre, Pond Road, at 8pm, on November 1, and is £5 on the door.