Good deed is repaid for kind Samaritan whose car was destroyed

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A good Samaritan whose car was destroyed after she came to the aid of two crash victims has been given a replacement vehicle.

Janice Dunlop, 38, had narrowly avoided a crash involving an overturned lorry on the A27 on January 6, which led to two cars being seriously damaged and traffic chaos.

Following the collision, she offered her car as a refuge to a couple of the victims from the crash.

But when they developed neck pains firefighters were forced to remove the roof from Janice’s car to get them out safely.

Janice and husband Steve, who works at Park Crescent Garage, in Clifton Road, Worthing, were left with the difficult prospect of having to pay for a replacement car, until Luton Network Q stepped forward and offered Janice a free replacement Vauxhall Vectra after she had previously owned an older version of the same model.

Janice, of The Haven, Littlehampton, said: “We are over the moon. We were getting the feeling that nothing would happen and we would be stuck, but then Network Q phoned and we were ecstatic.”

However, Janice and her family were not the only ones to be affected by the collision,

Lee Denyer and his mother, Mary Denyer, were the pair who were cut free from Janice’s car.

They had earlier that day been visiting the memorial of Lee’s father, Ray Denyer, who died in 2000.

The collision led to Mary being given hospital treatment and Lee’s car being seriously damaged.

Lee, who suffers from a heart and spinal condition and is registered disabled, is now worried his car will be written-off.

Lee, 46, of Maple Walk, Sompting, said: “It was a very traumatic experience for us.

“The most shocking bit was having our clothes cut off and being cut from the car. It was a very strange experience.”

Mary, of Courtwick Road, Wick, said: “It was terrible.

“We could see it before it happened. We saw the lorry swaying and then it toppled over and we were shunted. The force of the airbag was like an explosion.”

Mary, 73, this week has another hospital appointment for her injuries, which include a large blister and bruising, but is now improving.