Goring cycle-lane put on hold after funding denied

CYCLISTS have had a spoke put in their hopes for an early start on the Goring seafront path improvement.

West Sussex County Council had applied for Government funding to improve the mile-long concrete footway running westwards from the bottom of George V Avenue to Sea Lane so that it could be 
shared by both pedestrians and cyclists.

But the county council’s funding bid to the Local Sustainable Transport Fund was only “partially successful”.

A county council spokesman said: “The bid included an investment package for Worthing that included the seafront cycle route extension in Goring.

“On this occasion, the DfT chose to fund Chichester and Horsham over Worthing because it only had a limited pot of money.

“Opportunities to fund cycle network improvements in Worthing will be sought through future development or other similar ‘challenge funds’ when opportunities arise.”

The county council was awarded £2.46million for its three-year project to help encourage greater sustainable travel around the county.

The money will be invested in Chichester and Horsham in public transport interchange facilities, cycle routes and pedestrian facilities, and initiatives that encourage people to change the way they travel.

About 1,000 people (97 per cent) have so far voted in the Herald’s on-line poll in favour of extending Worthing’s promenade cycling route to Sea Lane.

Anthony Cartmell, of the Revolutions cycling promotion group, told the Herald on Tuesday: “For some reason, cycle route improvements in West Sussex always seem to have to be funded from development contributions.

“It is a great disappointment that, yet again, Worthing, one of the two biggest towns in West Sussex, is getting absolute zero.”