Goring surfer dude goes nude

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A SURFER swapped his wet suit for his birthday suit as he took to the waves off Sea Place, Goring.

Jesal Pankhania, 18, from Grand Avenue, said he had to bare all on Tuesday to honour a bet he made with his best friend.

“We were playing a drinking game and I lost,” Jesal said.

“My best mate dared me to do it and I thought I had nothing to lose.”

Jesal loves surfing and has been making the most of the strong winds this week which created ideal wave-catching conditions.

“Next time I go out, though, I will be in my wet suit.”

Jesal said he got a few funny looks on the beach but he was not worried about getting in trouble. “I think my parents will be the most annoyed,” he added. “I will probably just surprise them with it.”