Goring woman adopts ugliest cat

Charlie the cat: "He looks a bit like a big pear drop"
Charlie the cat: "He looks a bit like a big pear drop"

A CAT that animal rescue officers feared was too ugly to be rehomed has been adopted by a Goring woman.

Dubbed “Voldemog” because of its resemblance to the Harry Potter villain, Voldemort, Charlie the cat had its nose and the tips of its ears removed in August, 2010 after suffering from skin cancer.

After being given up to The Blue Cross animal adoption centre, in Southampton, there were fears Charlie would not find a home because of its unusual appearance.

But cat-lover Sarah Gaden said it was love at first sight when she saw Charlie, who has become an international star after appearing in media reports around the world.

International fame

Sarah, 45, said: “I was on the internet at lunchtime looking at a newspaper site which had a picture of Charlie.

“It was love at first sight. I felt moved to drop The Blue Cross an email asking to rehome him.”

Shortly after Sarah sent her email The Blue Cross contacted her to confirm she was the first person to express interest in rehoming the animal.

But only days later when Sarah met Charlie for the first time, staff at The Blue Cross told her people from as far afield as Texas and Italy had shown interest in the 14-year-old moggy.

Despite its resemblance to the feared Harry Potter villain, Charlie is friendly, affectionate and playful, Sarah said.

Sweet face

“He’s got the sweetest face and after a while you don’t notice he’s missing his nose and ears. He looks a bit like a big pear drop.”

The property lawyer, who works for Green Wright Chalton Annis, in Steyning, had vowed never to have a pet again after her last cat, Thomas, was euthanised in January.

But Sarah said adopting Charlie “was meant to be”, and that she felt her home was well suited to an animal that is roughly aged 70 in human years.

Sarah collected Charlie the cat from Southampton yesterday (Sunday, February 20)

Happy days

Jo Toscano, spokeswoman for The Blue Cross: “Everyone wants a kitten, but it’s usually harder to rehome older cats, particularly when they’re not the prettiest.

“But it’s worked out brilliantly and we think Charlie will have a wonderful home and live out the rest of his days in comfort.”

Those interested in rehoming an animal or making a donation to The Blue Cross should call 0300 790 9903 or visit www.bluecross.org.uk (see external link to the top right of this story).