‘Gran-Nan Style’ finally gets chance to go global

'Gran-Nan Style' creator Gary Mobsby and dancers in Steyne Gardens
'Gran-Nan Style' creator Gary Mobsby and dancers in Steyne Gardens
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A YEAR after it was originally made, a Worthing-based parody of South Korean popstar Psy’s smash hit ‘Gangnam Style’ has made it to YouTube.

Gary Mobsby, 56, of Brighton Road, Worthing, was unable to get his video to go global last year due to copyright restrictions.

However, as of October 1, the law surrounding parodies has been relaxed enabling him to finally promote it.

Gary said: “The idea first came to me around 18 months ago during the early hours of one morning.

“I decided that I wanted to give our more ‘senior’ members of society a bit of a voice by demonstrating, in a humorous way, that they’re far from nearing the end of life at 65, and in fact that most people are still enjoying a very fit and happy lifestyle.”

If ‘Gran-Nan Style’ hits 6,000 views on the video-sharing site, every additional view will generate a tenth of a penny, which will then be donated to The Alzheimer’s Society.

The charity is close to Gary’s heart – his dad died from the condition aged 63.

One hundred and thirty people aged between seven and 91 took part in the video, which was filmed in locations across Worthing.

The video can be viewed by visiting www.youtube.com and searching Worthing Gran-Nan Style.

It has had 336 hits so far.