Grave decorations could be removed

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MONUMENTS, decorations and toys – these are just some of the the things that could be removed from gravesides in Worthing, if new plans are approved.

Under proposed rules, it would no longer be possible to display memorials, kerbs, epitaphs, inscriptions and adornments, including lights, wind-chimes and toys, in either of Worthing’s two cemeteries without prior consent from Worthing Borough Council.

Further regulations could also be introduced on the size of gravestones.

Cabinet members on Worthing and Adur councils have been asked to approve new, joint, regulations for the two areas.

Chris Bradley, head of parks and foreshore, said: “Worthing’s lack of consistency with regard to rules and regulations has given rise to problems over the years, which a formal set of rules and regulations can help address.

“Worthing has operated for some years without specific rules and regulations. This has resulted, in some areas, in a ‘creeping’ of some permitted activities into those beyond what is now considered reasonable.

“An example of this is the proliferation of wind chimes, tea lights, solar lights and memorial benches.”

Officers are also suggesting a new rule which would allow people to reserve grave space for themselves and their families for up to five years.

A decision is expected by the end of next week.