Growing company will work 24 hours

A MULTINATIONAL company based in Worthing has been granted permission for 24 hour working.

Teledyne, which operates from units on Decoy Road, designs, assembles and tests monitoring equipment for the gas and oil industry.

Speaking at meeting of Worthing Town Council’s planning committee, principal planning officer Peter Devonport said: “The approved working hours are seven days a week currently but no night working.

“The proposal is to allow 24 hour working during the week, from 8am to 6pm on Saturdays, 10am to 5pm on Sundays plus on 12 separate occasions at weekends or bank holidays during the calendar year.

“Teledine is an important national engineer that wants to expand further.

“This expansion is important for the town’s economy.”

Colin Taylor, of Teledyne, said: “We are a European project and produce hub for the Middle East, Europe and Asia, all of which are expanding.

“Over the last four years we have grown and we are projecting strong growth over the next year and beyond.

“We have increased our local work force by 30 people and we are projecting a further increase of staff.

“Teledyne has invested considerably not only in its people but also in its infrastructure.

“We are requesting expansion to support this growth and increase our opportunities without the need for expansion of the premises or relocation.”

But residents object to the plans. Laurence Taylor said: “I have not seen any noise and disturbance control measures taken on this site, nor standards or good practice directions.

“The noise and vibrations that comes form this company when they are machining is unacceptable and we are often woken up in the night.

“They are such a big company that nobody wants to help and this is going to mean double the amount of deliveries.”

David Chiswell added: “Things have got worse and we are woken now at around 5am which is unacceptable.

“The quality of our lives over the last year has deteriorated and it is getting noisier and noisier.

“You cannot believe it unless you are there but it vibrates the front of my house and is unbearable.”

Councillor Christine Brown said: “It is a pity that Teledyne has not invested in its near neighbours as well as doing all these wonderful things.

“Those people have a right to a life and it strikes me that they are having a bit of a rough time of it down there.”

Councillor Micheal Cloake said: “This is a multinational company that is expanding and creating jobs.

“It is not as if Teledyne has moved into a residential area and started expanding - this is an industrial estate.

“I feel for the residents but I would support this proposal as it is the only sensible decision you can make here.”

Cllr Bradley said: “This is real progress for Worthing but more enforcement on this would be my recommendation - I am very concerned about the health and wellbeing of these good people that are living nearby.”

Councillors approved the application, providing conditions including car park use, access and machinery noises, were met.