Growing support for Don’t Overdevelop Durrington campaign

SUPPORT is growing for a new campaign opposing the giant, 700-plus homes scheme for West Durrington.

Despite a heavy rainstorm, more than 30 people turned up for the first meeting of the Don’t Overdevelop Durrington group, held at Durrington Community Centre last Wednesday evening.

Meeting convener John Hughes said pre-publicity for the meeting was kept low-key as the room was small “and this is a local residents’campaign”. But he was pleased that the bad weather did not deter people from turning up and packing the room.

Mr Hughes continued: “It was heartening to learn so many of those present had individually been writing long letters to the council with various objections to the development, such as the risk of flooding, the land should be kept in food production, there’s no work in the area for new families, too much traffic already, etc.

“The meeting decided to leaflet the areas of Durrington, Northbrook, Goring Green and Ferring that will be affected, either by the impact of the six-plus years of construction, extra traffic, noise and fumes as well as the risk of the Ferring Rife overtopping should the developers’ ‘Urban Drainage Scheme’ fail.”

The meeting also confirmed the website will be updated regularly to keep residents informed and people can email to send comments.