Hair donation from Worthing woman to make a young girl smile

A Worthing woman said an emotional goodbye to the hair she had been growing for five years to donate to a young cancer sufferer.

Michelle Caplin, 31, of Westland Avenue, Tarring had 12 inches of hair cut off at The Spa in Lancing to give to the Little Princess Trust.

Michelle said: “Sitting in the chair felt so emotional, after 5 years of building up to that moment and knowing how much that little girl will appreciate it. I am thrilled at how Sarah Norman from The Spa cut my hair and she has done amazing with the colouring. I love it.”

As well as donating her hair she has also raised £540.20 to put towards the production cost of the wig which can can cost the charity as much as £2,000.

Michelle said she missed her hair but had no regrets when she thought of the smiling little girl she would be helping.

If you would like to make a contribution visit