Have we got moos for you - cows invade Worthing United football pitch

Worthing United FC's ground staff deserve a pat on the back after dealing with an unusual pitch invasion last weekend.

Monday, 6th August 2018, 8:57 am
Updated Saturday, 1st September 2018, 10:08 am
Off to find more mischief

Vice chairman and groundsman Mark Sanderson was woken by a call at 8am last Sunday (July 29) to say that two cows were in the car park and heading towards the pitch, presumably to work on their pass and moo-ve.

“Our fields back onto the South Downs so I gave Farmer George a call and he asked ‘are they a black one and a white one by any chance?’,” said Mr Sanderson.

“We had someone shut the main gate to keep them in and he said he’d come down to sort it out.”

Off to find more mischief

Mr Sanderson said he was away all day at a charity event but returned to find the cows had left ‘physical evidence’ of their presence on the pitch and around the grounds.

He was not amoosed.

It is unclear how the bovine infiltrators managed to get onto the premises undetected, but there is a chance they may have been wearing cow-moo-flage.

CCTV footage showed the cows really milking their freedom, hanging around the food and drink area and attracting looks from passers-by.

The trespassers think they have found a way onto the pitch

Before long, Farmer George arrived with a bucket full of food to lure the escapees back to the farm.

It remains to be seen whether the farm or Worthing United will be beefing up security to avoid a repeat occurrence.

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