Hawks rid hotel grounds of ‘swooping’ seagulls

Paul and Rose Willey with their Hawk kite
Paul and Rose Willey with their Hawk kite

SEAGULLS don’t need to be culled to be controlled is the message the owners of Beechwood Hall, in Wykeham Road, Worthing, are keen to promote.

Despite being a protected species, the common seagull can rub some people up the wrong way. In a letter printed in last week’s Herald Kay Abbott, West Parade, Worthing, said; “Sandwiches and ice creams in innocent hands cannot escape these ravenous birds. They should not be protected. They are nothing less than vermin, a nuisance, a health hazard, and a menace to other birds. They should be culled without delay.”

Paul Willey, owner of Beechwood Hall alongside his wife Rose, read Kay’s letter and is adamant culling is not the answer. Two years ago the couple invested in a hawk helikite and two decoy scarer hawks, and the Hall’s grounds have been free of seagulls ever since.

For the full story. see the Worthing Herald, Thursday, September 10.