Head slams parents for unruly behaviour


A HEAD teacher has issued a stern telling off to parents in his March newsletter, for a range of misdemeanours from parking to picking fights on school grounds.

Seaside School headmaster Lee Murley threatened to ban unruly parents from the site if their behaviour failed to improve, after an incident in which individuals had acted ‘inappropriately and aggressively’ on school grounds.

“This is a very extreme and rare action to take and has only been deemed necessary once in recent years,” he said, urging parents to ‘act as strong role models to their children when solving disagreements with others’.

Mr Murley also criticised a ‘small minority’ of parents for putting pupils in danger by driving up to the school’s new entrance, designated for walking or cycling only.

“I cannot stress strongly enough that your child’s safety is paramount and that Seaside Avenue is a walking and cycling access point,” he wrote.

The telling off continued, as Mr Murley raised concerns about parents using Facebook to moan about their children’s education at the school.

“Facebook is obviously a public forum to be used as you wish,” he wrote. “However, when it involves school matters and our children it is a significant concern.”

He urged disgruntled parents to speak to him directly rather than airing their grievances on social media.

While on the subject, Mr Murley said he had noticed a number of children at the school had unsecure Facebook pages, allowing access to photos, videos, addresses and personal information.

“As parents, some of you would be horrified, as I have been, to see some of the images your child is viewing and placing on Facebook themselves,” wrote Mr Murley.

He requested that parents made sure their children’s accounts were private, for their own safety.

Mr Murley reminded parents that they must not wander the school corridors after dropping their children off, and must sign in if visiting the site.

The head ended by reminding parents to ‘park respectfully’ so as not to upset nearby residents.

Mr Murley said the overall reaction to the new gate had been ‘incredibly positive’.