£2million mental health unit plan for Worthing

A TEN-bed mental health unit costing around £2m is planned for the Swandean Hospital site in Arundel Road, Worthing.

The unit, yet to be approved by borough planners, is designed to accommodate some patients who may be “acutely disturbed”.

But a reassurance about security has been given by the Sussex NHS Partnership, which is expected to invest around £2m in the project.

There is no similar facility in this area at present, and the inpatients will be drawn from all of Sussex.

The unit will be based in Swandean’s Middle Hill former day hospital, to which two rear extensions are planned.

A Partnership planning statement says the bedrooms will be designed to accommodate “people who may be acutely disturbed and/or have challenging behaviour, and this will include robust, fitted furniture”. All bedrooms will have en-suite facilities.

Simon Williams, of the Partnership, told the Herald on Tuesday: “This service is for people whose behaviour can sometimes be challenging.

“The trust has long experience in providing this kind of service and has been do so at Middle hall as a day unit for some time. The change from a day to inpatient unit makes no difference to the type of person using these services, so it will not affect the neighbourhood in terms of security.”