Charity for loved-ones of alcoholics celebrates birthday

AS alcohol awareness week approaches, a charity that helps the family and friends of alcoholics and meets in Worthing celebrates its 60th birthday in the UK.

Al-Anon, which was started in America during the 1930s, came to the UK in 1961, and helps people to cope with having alcoholic loved-ones.

A spokeswoman for Al-Anon said: “It is thought that for every alcoholic or problem drinker five people are directly affected by their drinking.

“From work colleagues to spouses, the effects are real and can be devastating.

“For the last 60 years Al-Anon has provided support to those directly affected by someone else’s drinking.”

The Worthing group meets in the town centre on Wednesday morning and in Broadwater on Tuesday evening.

For more information, phone 020 7407 0215 anonymously.