Kevin sheds the pounds for charity

Kevin Moore W04002H12
Kevin Moore W04002H12
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AS Kevin Moore has been shedding the stones, a Worthing charity has piled on the pounds.

That is because Kevin used his new healthy lifestyle regime as a chance to raise £250 for the Camelia Botnar Children’s Centre – with the 40-year-old losing five stone in the process. For the past few months, Kevin has been attending exercise boot camp sessions with trainer Anthony Punshon, and he asked his friends and family to sponsor his weight loss.

Kevin, of Ashurst Close, Goring, said: “I really didn’t expect to lose five stone, I thought I might lose a couple, so this has been a bit of a surprise.

“Some people were sponsoring me £1 for every 1lb I lost, but when I reached the 50lb point I had to stop as people couldn’t afford any more!”

Kevin started the sessions weighing 18 stone 7lb and is now down to 13 stone 8lb, although he said he is still losing more weight.

The money he raised was presented to Camelia Botnar, a centre for children with special needs in Wellesley Avenue, Goring, at the end of last month.

It is a cause close to Kevin’s heart as his disabled son William, aged two, goes there.

William has severe dystonic motor disorder, which makes it difficult for him to hold his neck up and use his arms. His family are currently trying to raise enough money to allow them to convert their home to provide a downstairs bedroom for him.

Kevin said: “Anthony has been great, as he has done a lot of things to help William, such as donating a year’s bootcamp at our auction.

“That’s how I ended up going to see him, as after my wife Laura heard about him she said she had signed me up. I think she did it because I was very overweight and she was worried about me, but it’s been great, as I feel much better now and I have much more energy. I’m definitely going to keep it up.”

Anthony is helping the family further by donating £50 to William’s fund for everyone that signs up to his bootcamp for six months or personal training for three months or more, before January 31.

For more information, see or to donate to William’s fund, see