Parking nightmare for Worthing cancer patient

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W25276H11 WH PARKINGFINE GT22.06.11.'' ' Parking fine .......... Jenny Harwood .......... W25276H11.

A BREAST cancer patient has said she is appalled after being told a letter from her surgeon is the only way to skip a parking ticket.

Jenny Howard, 39, of West Buildings, was given a parking ticket after her 15-minute check-up appointment at Worthing Hospital turned into a two-and-a-half hour nightmare.

Jenny, who had to have her one of her breasts removed two years ago after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, was at the hospital for her six monthly check-up.

But, during the appointment, doctors found another lump in her remaining breast and she was rushed in to have further scans.

Due to the delay, her car, which was parked in Homefield Road, was ticketed as it was still there after the 11am permit holders-only time slot began.

Jenny, a mum-of-one, is not disputing the validity of the ticket, but said she is surprised how difficult it has been to appeal it considering the circumstances, with her now being told she needs a letter from her surgeon within the next 14 days.

She said: “I have to go to my surgeon and take 15 minutes out of his time to save lives to write a letter – it takes the biscuit. There can be 20 to 30 people in that breast cancer clinic at any one time.

“Nobody is going to lie about something as serious as that and I gave them my hospital number.”

She added: “I understand the rules, but I was panicking about the lump because after 18 months of chemotherapy I did not want to go down that road again.

“I could not exactly move my car and I had nobody with me.”

This week, NSL, who manage on-street parking in Worthing, said they were in talks with Jenny to help resolve the situation.

Tim Cowen, of NSL, said; “We would normally cancel a PCN when we have confirmation the driver was delayed by a medical emergency.

“Usually, doctors or their staff are happy to write letters confirming this.

“The delay in resolving this issue is because the lady asked us to contact her surgeon direct. Unfortunately, the NHS will not discuss their patients with third parties, since such details are rightly confidential.

“So, she needs to get her doctor to provide her with a letter. We have every sympathy, and have put this PCN on hold until it can be resolved.”