Worthing Hospital praised for meeting standards

WORTHING Hospital has bucked the trend after it was praised for its standard of care in a recent report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

In the report, entitled Review of Compliance, the CQC said the hospital met “all the essential standards of quality and safety”.

Inspectors stated those who used the service benefited from safe quality care, treatment and support due to “effective decision making” and the “management of risks to their health, welfare and safety”.

The report said patients felt they were involved in decision-making and added: “People told us they were very happy with the care they were receiving.

“They told us the staff were wonderful and that they were hard-working, kind and caring.”

The glowing report stands out from the CQC report which has called for a system-wide change in the way elderly people are cared for.

In the CQC report, the commission revealed it had carried out 100 unnanounced inspections of hospitals to see whether the essential standards of dignity and nutrition were being met on wards caring for older people.

In half of them, the commission said more needed to be done.

Luckily Southlands Hospital, in Shoreham, was one of those who came on top and was praised for its care of the elderly.

The report said: “We spoke to many patients and some relatives and all told us they had no reason to complain about anything.”

The positive findings have led some to question why in-patient wards at Southlands are being closed.

Cathy Stone, director of nursing and patient safety at the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust, said the trust was “extremely pleased” with the findings, adding: “They reflect the huge amount of hard work and dedication on the part of our staff to give the best possible care to patients.

“Having said that, we are never complacent and we know there are always improvements we can make.”

A report from the West Sussex Local Involvement Network on nutrition, hydration and feeding at Worthing Hospital will be released soon.